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Here at IFST we operate differently from the majority of training course providers currently available. We don’t teach generic 'old school' classroom based sales 'skills' – as we realise the limitations that type of course presents. Every sales consultant faces unique sales challenges - different market sectors, demographics, products, and service offerings. There are many approaches to sales training and development. Therefore, every one of our courses is tailored to address the specific individual needs, the company’s products/service offerings, target markets, demographics and the complex mix of challenges that all those variables present.


Modern selling and business is about life, people, business communications, behaviour, personality and psychology, self-awareness, attitude and belief. The more you understand about how you, and the people you engage with, think and work, the more effective you will be. This is the role of the modern business/sales-person. It's a highly valuable, sought-after and transferable capability which is sadly adopted by very few sales and business professionals.


Customers do not want to feel they are being sold too but want to feel that they have established a trusted relationship with your company. Most buyers are aware of the old sales techniques that have been used time and time again, such as spin selling. This is why we do something completely different. We adopt a trust-based selling approach, which is a step further along the relationship selling method. We will develop your sales team to build trust with your customers and to develop a strong relationship so your customer will buy from you time and time again.


Your leadership team are the key to the success of your business, so it is therefore of paramount importance that they are equipped with the skills and tools they need to do the role effectively and efficiently. Our leadership courses will strengthen your managers to lead and energise, to build and maintain successful, high performing teams.

This is essential for any leader. The programme gives sales leaders, managers and directors the skills, knowledge and behaviour alignments necessary to develop, lead and coach a high performing sales team. Essential for any leader serious about sustainable results-orientated leadership.


Presenting to your customers and to other members of your team is essential for success. To be able to get the message across effectively and with the right level of engagement is crucial. We can ensure your team has the right skill set to embrace presenting and to be a highly effective communicator whatever size the audience happens to be.


We can also work with you to create an effective induction course to welcome new recruits to your organisation. This will ensure they have all the necessary information to start their journey with your company and have a road map of where they need to go and what they need to do to make them successful in their roles.


To realise better results from your sales team, call IFST, the specialists for sales training in Bromsgrove and the UK, on 01527 451574.

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